Buy Adspace

We have now set up an ad serving infrastructure.

At the moment we can only offer a tenancy model. Which means, that you pay a fixed monthly price for your ad or editorial, independent from the number of impressions.

Editorial / featured / lead article.

  • Editorial / featured / lead article:
    20€ / week (includes one article)
    additional article in your booked timeframe: + 10€

On editorials we will give you a discount of 10% per 2 weeks (up tp a maximum of 30%) after the 1st 2 weeks.

Example: 8 articles in 6 weeks:
6 weeks = 120€
+ 2 additional articles = 2*10€
= sum: 140€

A discount of 20% applies to this example: 6 weeks, corresponds to 4 weeks after the first 2 weeks. You get 10% per 2 weeks = 20% or 28€. Reducing your costs to 112€

The editorial / press release has to be provided by you. It may include imagery (see “Media Formats” below)

You may inquire for seo content writing if needed.


You can choose between the following ad spaces (more will follow):
  • Front Page only: Banner 468×60
    under tabbed area: 10€ / Month
  • All pages: Half-Banner 234×60
    Top Position: 35€ / Month  OR
    above About Mayo on Facebook: 25€ / Month OR
    under About Mayo on Facebook: 15€ / Month
  • All pages: Skypscraper 120×600
    Footer Left Column: 10€

Other positions/zones are possible, please tell us, where you would like to see your ad and we will make you an offer.

On ads we will give you a discount of 10% per month (up tp a maximum of 30%) after the 1st month.

Example: You book a half banner above the facebook box in the sidebar for 3 month, which is 2 month after the first and results in an overall discount of 20%. The half Banner costs 25€ / month * 3 = 75€ minus 20% (15€) which gives you a final price of 60€

Media Formats

We will accept an gif, jpg or png banner with reasonable file size. We will not edit you banner, it will be displayed as provided.

You may inquire for banner design if needed.


All prices are net prices ex vat. German vat of 19% applies. Payment upfront via paypal (3% handling charge) or via direct international money transfer (no charge) is required. With your booking confirmation we will send you a vat invoice, which you must pay within 7 days in order for you ad to be displayed.


We reserve the right to reject ads with inappropriate imagery, content or links. In which case you may replace your ad. If no suitable ad is sent within 10 days we will refund 60% of your costs. 40% are retained as expense allowance.